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Return On Inclusion is an industry-leading change agency. We take a human-centered approach to redefine change, foster belonging, and transform culture.

  • Inclusive Leadership Development

    Our proprietary ROI Inclusive Leader Credentialing Program provides professionals at all levels of sport with an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to support athletes, create welcoming team cultures, and implement sustainable inclusion strategies and practices. The data-informed program standardizes learning for coaches, athletic administrators, and staff, enabling them to build cultural competence, measure growth, and track progress.

  • Consulting and Training

    ROI is a global consultancy redefining change in sports, business, and emerging markets. Our consulting services include strategy and talent development, program design and evaluation, crisis management, leadership training, fan engagement, and more. We work closely with each client to identify and address equity gaps while implementing sustainable strategies that align with organizational and institutional goals.

  • Social Impact

    ROI Social Impact is a project that drives change by partnering with value-aligned brands to increase representation and amplify the voices of underrepresented stakeholders. We envision a world where executive teams and leadership pipelines are diverse, inclusive, and representative of the communities they serve. We activate around racial justice, gender equity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, mental health, and Name, Image and Likeness (NIL), with partnerships spanning across sports, business, and media sectors.

ROI Inclusive Leader Credentialing Program

Each module covers inclusion priorities determined by athletic administrators and coaches to be the areas of greatest developmental need. The self-paced modules and guided group discussions standardize learning methods by helping athletics and sport professionals lead inclusively.

  • Sport-specific diversity, inclusion, and belonging program with curriculum informed by athletics and sport professionals

  • Standardized learning to develop fundamental competencies

  • Self-paced learning to address prevalent barriers to inclusion

  • Discussion guides create opportunities to connect with colleagues across social and cultural differences

  • Simplified complex concepts make learning accessible, practical, and fun

  • Administrative oversight to track department-wide progress and measure growth

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The ROI Inclusive Leader Credentialing Program is for coaches, athletic administrators, and athletic staff at all levels of sport. We offer group rates for institutions and organizations ready to unlock their potential and transform their culture.

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“We are ecstatic to partner with ROI to provide additional education opportunities to our student-athletes, coaches and staff. Nevin (Caple) is the subject-matter expert that will help Texas A&M Athletics to continue to pioneer diversity and inclusion throughout this groundbreaking partnership. I am looking forward to doing the work alongside our amazing staff and I would like to acknowledge the efforts from The Aggie Commitment to bring this partnership to life.”

Ross Bjork, Director of Athletics, Texas A&MRoss Bjork, Director of Athletics, Texas A&M

“The ROI program was truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. In taking me out of my comfort zone, it required me to do an important self-reflection of where I stood relative to being open-minded to others who are different from me and/or my upbringing/social circle. Hopefully, most importantly, it has educated me in a way to grow as a person and as a leader to become better prepared to help generate a more inclusive platform within our intercollegiate athletics program. It was also a blessing to provide me the opportunity to interact with so many wonderful folks from across the country and our wonderful profession.”

Ken Kavanagh, Florida Gulf Coast University, Director of Athletics, NACDA I-AAA Athletic Director’s Association TreasurerKen Kavanagh, Florida Gulf Coast University, Director of Athletics, NACDA I-AAA Athletic Director’s Association Treasurer

“I have been through many DEI trainings both in person and virtually, but none have felt as disruptive as ROI. My favorite part of the trainings are the videos where I felt as though Nevin was talking directly to me. I also loved how athletic specific the trainings were and the case studies that forced me to think about my actions and my part in moving the needle. So much of what I learned from ROI and shared with my NACDA cohort I will carry with me to better inform my decision making and to impact change on my campus.”

Shanika Mungin, University of Illinois, Director of Educational Enrichment, DEI Divisional Director for N4AShanika Mungin, University of Illinois, Director of Educational Enrichment, DEI Divisional Director for N4A

“The most impactful part of the ROI program was that it guided self assessment while simultaneously building knowledge on how to become a more inclusive leader. Through a measured and compassionate approach, the interactive sessions provided confidence to engaged participants that embraced this critical work. ROI is enlightening personally and professionally.”

Simon Gray, Niagara University, Associate VP for Athletics, Former NACDA I-AAA ADA PresidentSimon Gray, Niagara University, Associate VP for Athletics, Former NACDA I-AAA ADA President

“I went into this program with low expectations – thinking it would be another training that you check the box and move on. The difference between this program and others that I have participated in would be the support you feel to grow and develop as a person and leader. We all have our past experiences, upbringings and experiences and there were no judgements or criticisms, just an acknowledgement of where we all came from and how we can move forward together. ROI has helped me be a more inclusive leader by meeting my staff and colleagues at where they are, rather than expecting them to adjust to me. As they say in the program, treat others how they want to be treated, not just how you want to be treated.”

Megan Larson, University of Washington, Assistant AD - Operations and Events, NACDA CEFMA Board 3rd Vice PresidentMegan Larson, University of Washington, Assistant AD - Operations and Events, NACDA CEFMA Board 3rd Vice President

“The opportunity to participate in Return on Inclusion challenged me to broaden my view of who we serve and work with in our athletic communities. The content was practical, simple to consume, and impactful.”

 Matt Wilson, Gulf South Conference, Commissioner, NACDA President D2CCA Matt Wilson, Gulf South Conference, Commissioner, NACDA President D2CCA

Message from the Founder

Nevin Caple

As a thought partner in your success, I am thrilled to be on this journey with you! All transformation starts with a personal desire to explore how we see the world and our role in it. My hope is through this process you will gain the clarity, insight and courage needed to lead from a place of allyship and center the experiences of student-athletes. My goal for ROI is to provide an accessible, purpose-driven and affordable educational opportunity for every athletic administrator and coach to learn to lead inclusively. Let’s go!
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Message from the Founder

NACDA and Return On Inclusion Announce Groundbreaking Partnership

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