NEW YORK, NY - We are excited to announce the launch of Return On Inclusion™ (ROI), a groundbreaking online learning platform for coaches, athletic administrators and athletic staff. ROI is a sport-specific diversity and inclusion education platform designed to develop inclusive leaders and foster a culture of belonging across social and cultural differences. 

As the athletic community adjusts to the changing professional landscape, shifting from traditional methods of teaching to online learning, educators are forced to reimagine how they deliver a holistic learning experience. ROI provides coaches and athletic administrators with a unique opportunity to engage in an impactful, relevant and personalized mode of learning that leverages technology as we all adapt to a new reality.

“We hope to raise the bar by creating a new standard of online learning to improve, track and measure the social and cultural competence of coaches and athletic administrators,” said ROI Founder and Course Instructor, Nevin Caple. “Ultimately, our future diversity is impacted by our current diversity and we want everyone who works with student-athletes to develop the skill set and confidence to lead inclusively.”

The NCAA recently approved legislation for member institutions to appoint a designee as the primary contact and conduit for diversity and inclusion-related information beginning August 1, 2020. According to a poll of 200 athletic administrators, less than 30 percent have a framework in place to encourage diversity and inclusion in the athletic department. ROI teaches administrators how to develop and implement a strategic plan, but first centers the curriculum on self-reflection and personal transformation as the pathway to inclusive leadership. The six self-paced learning modules will help athletic professionals develop the skills to assess departmental needs, address challenges, and achieve goals in programs, policies and practices to champion diversity and inclusion from the top-down. Module topics include:

  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Foundations
  • Cultural Competence & Managing Relationships
  • Overcoming Bias, Microaggressions & Covering
  • Unpacking Racism, Anti-Racism & Privilege
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion & Gender Stereotypes
  • Inclusive Leadership & Strategic Plan Development

Athletic administrators and coaches who successfully complete all six modules will earn the ROI Inclusive Leader Certificate, recognizing their personal investment in developing the skills and competencies necessary to support student-athletes across differences. 

While enrollment opens today, the modules will be released in the fall of 2020 and can be purchased individually or as part of the Inclusive Leader Certificate Bundle. The ROI Advisory Board is hosting a Community Webinar in June with athletic professionals who are interested in learning more about the platform. To learn more, visit or follow @ROInclusion on Twitter.

About the Return On Inclusion™ Advisory Board

The ROI Advisory Board includes national thought leaders in college athletics who have made significant contributions to fostering inclusive teams and programs. Board members include: Board Chair, Resa Lovelace (Maryland), DaWon Baker (Nebraska), Isa Berardo (Pomona-Pitzer), Cherish Burks (Alabama), Clyde Doughty (Bowie State), Kim Doran (Ohio State), Jessica Duff (Bates), Jaide-Hinds Clarke (Richmond), Katie Harbert (Oregon), Noah Knight (Kansas City Athletics), Yannick Kluch (Rowan), Jacqie McWilliams (CIAA), John Square (GW), Maria Sanchez (Northwestern), Whitney Johnson (NCAA)

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